Are You Lost?

How to HIIT

Are You Lost? Are you looking for something? You might need a personal trainer. Are you looking for a way to lose weight? Lose Fat? Get in better shape? Feel Better? All of the above? If you are lost, try not to find the answers to your questions online. The reality is you are just going to be more confused than you already were by the time you get finished trying to do any "research" and using the word "research" gives...

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Change Your Life One Step At A Time

in home personal trainer

Change Your Life One Step At A Time Lake Country Training's Matthew Meyer Interview about how to achieve success with your health goals by changing your life one step at a time. Change your life one step at a time.   Start small when working toward bigger goals By Christopher Bennett Special to The Freeman DELAFIELD — If you want to tackle a big goal, like living healthier, it is best to think and start small. Every December, as the calendar...

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Organic Foods or Not Organic Foods?

Lake Country Training

Organic Foods or Not Organic Foods? The choice isn't always that easy!  Whether you eat organic foods or not is up to you, and there are some definite reasons to try to eat organic foods instead of those that are not. I try to, but am definitely still in the beginning process and certainly don't judge someone on whether they do or don't eat organic. Lets face it, with today's world not eating convenience foods or junk foods is difficult. Check...

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