What Our Clients Say

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Say about Matthew & Lake Country Training


My wife prompted me to hire a personal trainer since I had constant lower back problems that truly impacted my quality of life. I love to golf, but when my back was out, I could not even think about playing. Matthew developed a specific program for me. Since working with Matthew I have not had a single day that my lower back problem has restricted my quality of life. Matthew was incredibly reliable during this time frame. He was able to motivate me even when I was not feeling “up to training”. I can not say enough positive things about Matthew. He cares for his clients and shows empathy while still holding us accountable. -Paul


The Training/Routine’s that Matt has either showed me or worked with me on, I have never seen with other trainers. He’s a great motivator, and sets goals that are achievable which are key to sticking with your training and transformation. Matt is very professional, knows how to work with all body types!! -David


Matt’s been our trainer for over 10 yrs. He’s worked with our school aged children, me in my 50s, and my husband in his 60s. He’s simply outstanding! He puts together personalized programs which are always in flux and continually challenging. If injured or ill, Matt will modify programs to work with the injury. He is flexible with scheduling and an absolute pleasure to work with. Working out is not fun for us, but when Matt is on the calendar to workout that’s always something to look forward to. The best trainer we’ve worked with, we highly recommend you hire him. -Wendy


Matthew is a great trainer! He truly listens so that he can design an appropriate and effective plan to meet your goals. If you have any conditions which could limit the plan, he works around those so youre reaping as much benefit from each session as possible. He also provides practical advice on how to make wise diet and exercise choices throughout the week. I’d recommend him without hesitation. -Janet


Matthew not only helped me gain strenght and muscle, he gave me the ability to stick with the program. This has been amazing to me, as it is the first time in twenty years that I have followed through with a fitness routine! -Mark


Since using your services, I feel better at age 65 than I did at 45! I think that says it all. Thank you so much! -Bill


Matt is a great motivator. I felt comfortable with him from the very start, which for me is a big deal. I attend a lot of different classes and have worked with many trainers, and it is rare for me to trust someone as much as I trust Matt’s advice. He also learned very quickly how to tell when I am trying and when I am just going through the motions and always calls me out. He keeps me honest which is exactly what I need. -Cathy


I hired Matthew as my personal trainer and he’s everything I could have wanted and more. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was a bit nervous. He put me at ease from the very start. I feel so comfortable with him and I was never the type that thought I could work out in front of a guy, much less in my home! My workout plan is continually evolving as I progress and become stronger. He keeps things challenging and interesting. I would never push myself this hard without Matthew, and I feel better now than I have in 20 years thanks to him. He is also very personable and I actually enjoy working out with him and he makes it fun! I would give up a a lot of other things before I would give up my trainer Matthew! He’s that awesome! -Laura