Eating Healthy. Trail Mix: Making Me Nuts!!!

Eating Healthy. Trail Mix: Making Me Nuts!!! I see so much information about what healthy food is and what isn't healthy I get confused. Lets Face it, Eating Healthy is difficult. So here's a Question - Is Trail Mix Healthy? Since its inception, trail mix has had a reputation as a healthy snack. But just how healthy is it really? Should this snack be saved for serious hikers, or is it perfectly fine to mindlessly munch on at your desk?...

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Family Workouts For Fun!!

Lake Country Training

Family Workouts For Fun - 1000 Rep Plate Challenge Lets face it, working out can be a chore from time to time. However, it doesn't  have to be, and when it is a chore that should signal you need a change!! We have been doing some family workouts for fun lately and I did this 1000 Rep Plate Challenge the other day with my son! It was lots of fun - he is 9 and loves working out with dad...

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Brutal Honesty About Results From Your Workouts

Brutal Honesty About Results From Your Workouts, or Why You Are Not Seeing Results. I have some tough love for you today. It's about your workouts, and their results. Can we speak honestly? You go to the gym several times a week, sometimes twice in one day, you attend classes, you get your sweat on, and yet something is missing. You aren't as fit as you should be, something isn't working the way you think it should. Is it really...

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Change Your Workout Routine

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Here Are 4 Reasons to Change Your Workout Routine ! Do you find yourself running the same route, going to the same yoga class, or stepping onto the same treadmill while at the gym? If this is you, Change Your Workout Routine! When it comes to our fitness routines, most of us are creatures of habit, I know I am at times. We find something that we like, so we stick to it. During exercise, you’re putting stress on your...

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Focus On Your Sleep – Fitness Trick & Tip #1

Focus on your sleep - Fitness Trick & Tip #1 It seems like a simple "no brainer" but let me tell ya, this is way more complicated that it seems.  Why is it so dang hard to just get a good amount of sleep each night?  And, If I knew the answer to that I would be a billionaire! Everyone is a little different. Some need 8 hours, some only 6 hours.  I need about 6 to 6.5 hours regularly....

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