Burn More Calories Daily By Increasing Your Activity!

Daily Activity

Burn More Calories Daily By Increasing Your Activity! What a crazy idea? Increasing your daily activity!? To burn more calories? Yep - And its not even an idea, its a fact! Below I broke down somewhat complicated technical talk into some basic concepts. Stick to the basics as much as possible, here we go: Your metabolism is always working to burn energy. During periods of higher activity, your body will burn more calories than when you are at rest. Your body...

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In Home Personal Training – A Great Fit For You

in home personal trainer

Why is In Home Personal Training Just What You Need? Personal Training, especially In home personal training is a luxury, I will totally agree with anyone who says that. However, having a personal trainer, and especially in home personal training is more practical than you think! In home personal training sessions offer a myriad of benefits if you have a highly qualified fitness professional, which I just happen to be! Some of the benefits to hiring a personal trainer for...

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