Youth and Family Fit & F.A.S.T. Program

Fit & FAST Program

Youth and Family Fit & F.A.S.T. Program Lake Country Training is launching fitness classes designed for families to participate this summer, the Program is called Fit & F.A.S.T!  Fitness – Agility – Speed – Training.  We focus on fundamental aspects of athletic movements and skills to improve fitness, athleticism, and facilitate athletic development. Drills and Skills are Progression Based to Reduce Risk for Injury and Improve Speed, Power, Agility, Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Mobility, Body Awareness, and Balance. Kids –...

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Mix Up Your Workouts – Fitness Trick & Tip #9

Have Success, Plan Your Workouts

Mix Up Your Workouts - Fitness Trick & Tip #9 Mix it up - Mix up your workouts.  Sounds simple, but what does that mean?  Without going into a to of detail I am going to explain a big picture way to "Mix It Up." Well, here it goes.  High Intensity workouts and training is great on days when you have tons of extra energy.  However, knowing you have a killer workout planned after a tough day at work may...

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Dont Forget To Stretch – Fitness Trick & Tip #8


  Don't Forget To Stretch If you are over 40 stretching and mobility exercises are especially vital, but the sad reality is that many of us are just not flexible enough.  Why?  We don't take the time to stretch.  This can lead to increased risk of injury, and as life goes on it only gets worse, and yet, can keep you from doing some of your favorite activities.  Be sure to stretch daily, if not daily, get into the habit...

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Stay Hydrated – Fitness Trick & Tip #7

Proper Nutrition Steps

Stay Hydrated - Fitness Trick & Tip #7 This Fitness Trick and Tip is very similar to trick and tip #3.  That one was Start Your Day With Water.  This specific tip is to STAY HYDRATED!  Meaning start your day with water and feel free to drink lots of it during the day!  Many people are chronically dehydrated, and chances are good that your are one of them!  Don't wait until you are thirsty to get a drink of water. ...

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