Youth and Family Fit & F.A.S.T. Program

Fit & FAST Program

Youth and Family Fit & F.A.S.T. Program

Lake Country Training is launching fitness classes designed for families to participate this summer, the Program is called Fit & F.A.S.T!  Fitness – Agility – Speed – Training.  We focus on fundamental aspects of athletic movements and skills to improve fitness, athleticism, and facilitate athletic development.

Drills and Skills are Progression Based to Reduce Risk for Injury and Improve Speed, Power, Agility, Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Mobility, Body Awareness, and Balance.

Kids – Boys / Girls grades 2nd – 6th are encouraged to participate (considerations made if not in age group – just ask).

Parents & Adults – You are Strongly Encouraged to Participate!  $10 / Kid, Adults Free

Fundraising Opportunity

Are you sick of selling expensive tins of overpriced, high calorie popcorn, cookie dough?  Do you have all the wrapping paper you need?  Is your freezer overflowing with frozen pizzas?  Do your co-workers avoid you because every month one of your kids teams is trying to raise money?  We are here to help.  The kids win twice, they get more Fit and improve their Athleticism while raising money for their Team or Club and you don’t have to sell “stuff” to people who really don’t want to buy any more “stuff.”

  • Raise money for your team! Participate in the “Open Dates” below and we will donate proceeds from your group’s Fit & F.A.S.T. program sign-ups back to your team!  Teams, Clubs, Organizations this is a great opportunity!
  • Do you have a large group?  Schedule a Fit & F.A.S.T. “Closed Session” just for your group or team.  Proceeds are donated back to the team.
  • Contact us before June 1st to reserve your spot or schedule a closed session!

Pre-Scheduled Open Dates, Locations, Times:

Sunday April 30th @ Centennial Park, 9am

Saturday May 13th @ Centennial Park, 9am

Sunday May 28th @ Centennial Park, 8am

Friday June 9th @ Nixon Park, Noon

Sunday June 11th @ Centennial Park, 8am

Thursday June 22nd @ Centennial Park, 6pm

Sunday June 25th @ Centennial Park, 9am

Monday July 3rd @ Centennial Park, Time TBD

Tuesday July 4th @ Centennial Park, Time TBD

Sunday July 9th @ Centennial Park, 8am

Saturday August 5th @ Centennial Park, 9am

Sunday August 6th @ Centennial Park, 8am

Saturday August 19th @ Centennial Park, 9am

Sunday August 20th @ Centennial Park, 8am

* We will add more dates and add different locations if needed/requested.  ** Park Locations may be subject to change.

Interested or Questions about the Fit & F.A.S.T. Program

Great!  Contact Matthew!

Call or Text 262.501.3990

Email [email protected]