Dont Compare Yourself to Others – Fitness Trick & Tip #10

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Dont Compare Yourself to Others – Fitness Trick & Tip #10

This seems so easy, right?  Dont Compare Yourself to Others, why do so many of us do this?  Whether you are just starting out or you’re an experienced pro when it comes to working out and fitness, its very easy to give in to the temptation to see how you match up to others.  Its always going to be there and its almost always going to be frustrating!  No matter how good you are or look.  You dont know what the comparing person’s goals, motivations, or even their insecurities.  You do know what makes you motivated, you do know your goals, and you should know your weaknesses to improve.

Fitness Advice

Great advice when it comes to fitness is Focus On Yourself!  Like many aspects of fitness and exercise this advice and thought process can be carried over into other areas of life.  Focus on your own workout, nutrition, and programming.  Not to be totally self centered, but you control what you do, not what others do.  Find something you can improve on and go do it.  That will be time far better spent than comparing yourself to someone else!

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