Got Aches & Pains?

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Got Aches & Pains?  Help Yourself - Move Around, Even If You Don't Want To. Are you currently or have you ever been sore, stiff, tight, inflamed, aches & pains? Do you know someone who suffers from a chronic inflammatory disease? Here is something near and dear to many of us, and unfortunately its common to forget about this little nugget of knowledge.  Move!!  Even if its difficult to because of Aches & Pains. As difficult as it is sometimes, the...

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Importance of Stretching

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Importance of Stretching Without re-inventing the wheel, I thought I would share something that many of us do not spend enough time doing...STRETCHING! No, it wont burn a bunch of calories, or build a bunch of muscle directly.  It doesn't taste good - or bad for that matter.  However, because you will feel good, reduce your risk of injury, and help your body recover it will help you to continue to burn those calories, build that muscle, and help you to keep...

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Which Workout Is Best For You?

exercise is good for mental health

Which Workout Is Best For You? Do you lift weights or do strength training? Why are your workouts set up the way they are? Do you follow a program?  If so, from where?  A magazine?  Website? Do you have a trainer, or workout partner? If you are over 30 please don't tell me you still workout the same way you did in high school or college. How Should You Be Working Out Then?  There are many non-perfect answers to that...

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