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Got Aches & Pains?  Help Yourself – Move Around, Even If You Don’t Want To.Fight Aches & Pains - Get Moving and Feel Better!

Are you currently or have you ever been sore, stiff, tight, inflamed, aches & pains? Do you know someone who suffers from a chronic inflammatory disease?

Here is something near and dear to many of us, and unfortunately its common to forget about this little nugget of knowledge.  Move!!  Even if its difficult to because of Aches & Pains.

As difficult as it is sometimes, the best thing to do is MOVE!  If you suffer from aches & pains, or chronic inflammation the best help you can give yourself is to move your body!

Have you ever heard exercise is the best medicine?  This article states it is definitely one of the best but don’t just read the article, go for a walk first!

“Our study shows a workout session does not have to be intense to have anti-inflammatory effects. Twenty minutes to half an hour of moderate exercise, including fast walking, appears to be sufficient. Feeling like a workout needs to be at a peak exertion level for a long duration can intimidate those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases. Those individuals could greatly benefit from moderate physical activity.”

To simplify, to combat aches & pains, or even chronic pain and inflammation – exercise does not need to be intense.  It only needs to be moderate or medium intensity.  Get up and get moving and you will feel better!

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Contact Lake Country Training today and we can help you create a customized fitness program.  We specialize in working with individuals who have aches & pains – and the more customization needed the better!  If you have tried ‘exercise’ or working out before and needed to quit because your body hurt, let us help you by teaching you how to properly exercise so you feel better!

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