Which Workout Is Best For You?

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Which Workout Is Best For You?

  • Do you lift weights or do strength training?
  • Why are your workouts set up the way they are?
  • Do you follow a program?  If so, from where?  A magazine?  Website?
  • Do you have a trainer, or workout partner?
  • If you are over 30 please don’t tell me you still workout the same way you did in high school or college.

How Should You Be Working Out Then?  Workout success in Delafield WI 53018

There are many non-perfect answers to that question, however, if you are a “regular person” male or female, my recommendation is that you should be doing some sort of Full Body Type Workout.

Either a straight Full Body Workout, or a Push / Pull Workout, or an Upper Body / Lower Body Combo or alternating day workout.

You should probably NOT be doing a ‘Body – Part Split Workout’ such as “Chest Day” or “Shoulder Day” or “Leg Day.”  If you plan your workouts like this please consider reconsidering your “plan”


Full Body or at least Most Body workouts allow you to stimulate many large muscle groups in your body several (3-4) times a week for most “normal” people.  If you miss a day you don’t go a week without working a muscle group.

If you are doing a Split Body Program, What happens if Tuesday is “Back Day” and your kid is sick?  Or work is slamming you?  Or 1 of another 1000 common things occur to make you miss your workout on Tuesday?

When that happens you go about 2 full weeks without doing your Tuesday “Back Day” Workout!

When you do a Full Body Workout and you miss a Tuesday, you can much easily make that workout up, reschedule it, or adjust your days off or days “on” for working out.

You’re Not a World-Class Bodybuilder

You have job, partner, and/or kids. You don’t have hours each day to workout.  “Stuff” is going to happen causing you to miss a day occasionally or regularly.  Life is going to happen and stuff is going to pop up on your schedule.  Its just how life in 2017 rolls, but you can roll with it.Use your brain and follow a workout program

Just because you only have a few hours to train every week doesn’t mean you can’t get stronger and/or reach your goals. Pick a program that’s suited to your lifestyle and abilities.  Be smart.  Use your brain when you pick a program and schedule your workouts.  Set yourself up for success and feeling good, not failure and feeling guilty or negative.

The optimal training splits for the “normal” guys and gals are full body, push/pull, and upper/lower. These “splits” allow you to scale your workouts to be more realistic and feel great about them!  All you’ll need are 3-4 sessions per week of 30-60 minutes.  Look into them!  You will thank yourself sooner than you think!

Get in, Get Sweaty, Get Showered, and Get On With Life!

Give it a try!

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