Are You Lost?

How to HIIT

Are You Lost?

Are you looking for something? You might need a personal trainer.

Are you looking for a way to lose weight? Lose Fat? Get in better shape? Feel Better?

All of the above?

If you are lost, try not to find the answers to your questions online.Dont be lost, hire a personal trainer, 53029

The reality is you are just going to be more confused than you already were by the time you get finished trying to do any “research” and using the word “research” gives far too much credit for what you are looking at.

Just because its online does not make it true, and it especially doesn’t make it a good idea for you!

Not that all the “information” on the internet is bad, but lets be real, how many “recipes” are you really going to make? How many of the most recommended ‘newest’ core workouts are you going to do? How many times you going to use that new, overpriced piece of equipment? What is online that you really don’t already suspect. Oh, what is this? Fruits and Vegetables are good for weight loss? When did they figure that out? I totally missed that one? – Sarcasm.

Instead of searching outward, search inward. Yeah – start with you. Who would have thought of that? You don’t even need to buy anything to do that!

Do you really need the “hottest” diet program? Or the top 11 best foods to eat when you are stressed?

Maybe, but probably not. Instead why don’t we just sit on the couch for 30 minutes or so (yeah, sit on the couch) with a notepad & pen and reflect on ourselves. Evaluate your life. Set some goals. Set some objectives to help you reach those goals. Changes need to be made. What you are currently doing isn’t working or you wouldn’t be reading this!

How are you going to get from the couch you are now on to where you want to be. Maybe some very well marketed insanity workouts are what you need, but I’m guessing you will just end up in physical therapy if you start with those.

Be Realistic!

Start small and succeed! How about going for a 30 minute walk 5 days a week?! Or eating some vegetables with each dinner?! Nothing wrong with that.

My point is, we all know carrots and bananas are healthier than cookies. And we all know we should be exercising. Any steps in the right direction are good steps.

Eat a little less crap, eat a little healthier and continue to make progress. We all know that we need to or at least should exercise. Keep it simple. Start with more than what you are doing now. Easy right? Wrong. Don’t over do it. Start slow. Seriously try walking. Do some hills, maybe jog a minute or two here and there, try to do your ‘route’ in less time and Boom! You are progressing. Not a full proof exercise program, but a start.

Yeah, meats, fruits and vegetables. Maybe some rice or potato occasionally, maybe even a sandwich or some toast with peanut butter. Say it out loud before you eat it. If it sounds like a healthy meal go for it. Try it once. Say “Pizza Hut” – Errr, see, doesn’t sound healthy. Now say “Salad with minimal dressing and a 5 ounce steak” See…There is a vague diet for you…Fill in some of the blanks, add a little planning and preparation to your meals and I would guess you’ll be on the right path.

Work With a Personal Trainer

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