Prevent and Bounce Back From Injury


Here are some tips to bounce back after an injury.  The first and easiest tip would be to do all you can to prevent an injury, but that’s not always so easy…

Recovering from a sports injury, or any injury can require more than just physical therapy.  There’s also psychological healing, which for many is more difficult to come back from.  So here it goes, I could come up with 7 legitimate points to help you or someone you care about bounce back better.  Read on, am I missing anything?  If so, what has worked for you?

Be bummed— at least at first.

It’s important to mourn this loss, just like any other. There’s no need to be macho.

Then, get and maintain a positive attitude.

Once you shake off your feelings of sadness and loss, an optimistic outlook will speed the healing process while decreasing the emotional pain.

Focus on the “Now”.

Don’t play the ‘coulda, what if’ game.  You’re injured. Accept it and move forward so you can recover.

Set new goals for yourself.

They may be smaller at first, but that’s OK. The key is to make sure they’re achievable, and build up from there.

Be Active in your healing.

Don’t cut corners. Don’t resist or resent your physical therapy. No one’s making you do this. The only person who loses when you slack or sulk is you.

Continue to practice and work out.

Even if you’re temporarily sidelined, you can visualize playing your sport or activity you are missing.  You can also improve other areas of yourself that can help you be better post-injury than you were pre-injury!

Seek out the support of your Teammates, Family, Friends, etc.

You’ll be tempted to isolate yourself. Don’t do it. Show up to that rec-league hoops game just for the camaraderie. Meet your running or biking group when they grab coffee or a beer at the end of their workout. The connection and inspiration are important.

Hope this helped!  Let us know.

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We all perform each day.  We may not be professional or high level athletes, but we all have to perform at our jobs, school, as a parent, spouse, team member, or our 40 minute workout before the kids wake up, etc.

The better we can perform, the better our lives will be. Being able to physically do what we want, when we want and when we need to, and not have to worry about injury is a very fun way to participate in life!  We hope to hear from you soon!injury - recover