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Here Are 4 Reasons to Change Your Workout Routine !Time to Change Your Workout Routine

Do you find yourself running the same route, going to the same yoga class, or stepping onto the same treadmill while at the gym? If this is you, Change Your Workout Routine!

When it comes to our fitness routines, most of us are creatures of habit, I know I am at times. We find something that we like, so we stick to it. During exercise, you’re putting stress on your body, and in the recovery process, it improves its ability to handle that stress. The more you do something, the easier it becomes, exercise is no different.

By changing up your workout routine, you may be getting new benefits that you didn’t know were there.

Break Plateaus

There is nothing more frustrating than working hard at something, but not getting the results that you want. When we do the same activity regularly, our bodies get very efficient – making the exercise inefficient. With the same workout, you’ll still be burning calories, but fewer than you were when you started. You’ll need to change it up a bit to maximize results. Your body will give you signs, such as you’re not feeling sore, not seeing any changes, you aren’t as hungry, or you are constantly feeling injured. When this happens, try changing your sets, reps, weight, speed, the type of exercise you’re doing, the exercise order, or increase your resistance.  Pick one to adjust, or pick several!

Prevent Injury

Muscles, joints, and ligaments need an opportunity to heal. By doing the same activity each day or using the same workout routine for each workout, you are putting your body through the same stress repeatedly. This doesn’t allow for proper recovery time before putting them into action again, increasing your chances of getting hurt.

Be Well Rounded

For recreational exercisers, its best to do a little bit of everything. This way you’ll be building a strong heart and muscles. You’ll look great and physically able to take on different sports and activities.

Get Excited To Workout Again

If you’re already counting down the minutes left of your workout before it has even started, it is definitely time to change things up. Finding a physical activity that you’re excited about is the secret to long term success. You need to enjoy the process, not just the results.  Try something new and see how you like it.  For me recently it was biking.  I’m never going to wear a spandex biking outfit, but in the summer biking is definitely something I am starting to enjoy!

When it comes to exercising, there are two key factors: consistency and timing. You need to stick with a routine to see results, but not for too long. Our bodies are smart and over time, adapt to the workout routine that we inflict on them. Physiologically, a big part of exercise adherence is maintaining that enjoyment and drive. When you lose that, you’re going to lose the motivation to push through the last few sets, or even get started!

You want to shock your muscles and keep your body guessing in order to continue to get those results and the physique you’ve always wanted. If you need some help with changing up your workout routine give me a call!  You can contact me at the website below!