Brutal Honesty About Results From Your Workouts

Brutal Honesty About Results From Your Workouts, or Why You Are Not Seeing Results. I have some tough love for you today. It's about your workouts, and their results. Can we speak honestly? You go to the gym several times a week, sometimes twice in one day, you attend classes, you get your sweat on, and yet something is missing. You aren't as fit as you should be, something isn't working the way you think it should. Is it really...

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Change Your Workout Routine

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Here Are 4 Reasons to Change Your Workout Routine ! Do you find yourself running the same route, going to the same yoga class, or stepping onto the same treadmill while at the gym? If this is you, Change Your Workout Routine! When it comes to our fitness routines, most of us are creatures of habit, I know I am at times. We find something that we like, so we stick to it. During exercise, you’re putting stress on your...

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Goal Setting – Fitness Tip & Trick # 6

Fitness Tip & Trick # 6: Goal Setting Set one goal at a time. Lets just agree that we are all better off if we focus on 1 thing at a time!  I mean, who is seriously good at juggling a bunch of totally new things all at once? The biggest goal setting mistake is to try to change everything at once - this never ends all that well. Saying "I'm going to move more" then mastering that after mastering that...

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