Goal Setting – Fitness Tip & Trick # 6

Fitness Tip & Trick # 6: Goal Setting

Set one goal at a time. Lets just agree that we are all better off if we focus on 1 thing at a time!  I mean, who is seriously good at juggling a bunch of totally new things all at once?

The biggest goal setting mistake is to try to change everything at once – this never ends all that well.

Saying “I’m going to move more” then mastering that after mastering that goal say “I’m going to get to the gym every day or workout every day.”  Next after mastering going to the gym consistently think about changing your diet.  Working on 1 thing at a time allows you to master it, build from it, and move on to the next goal.

Normally people set a couple of goals in January and by April they have achieved neither.  Don’t get caught in this trap!  Goal Setting

Focus on 1 goal at a time and master that 1 goal, then move on to the next goal and master that goal!  Now you have mastered 2 goals!

Continue to divide up those goals and conquer them!

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