Track Your Progress In Your Workout Journal – Fitness Tip & Trick #4


#4  Track Your Workouts In Your Workout Journal!

Are you progressing toward your fitness and training goals?  You need a fitness journal or some type of record keeping for your training and workouts!

How would you know if you are just going by memory and how you feel?

How many days did you workout last month?

If you have a lot going on in your life, or even just a few things, remembering what you did yesterday can be a struggle.  You write things down on your “To Do” List and grocery list so you remember what to do or get.  The same goes for your workouts.

Recording your workouts can be as simple as adding your workout to your calendar (digital or paper) as an appointment and chances are that you don’t miss many appointments on your calendar!What Your Workout Journal Could/Should Look Like


You can add notes regardless of how you are tracking and the better details you provide yourself the easier it is to look back and see your progress and what you should focus on in the future.

Keep it simple!  Use a notebook for your workout journal if you like or an app on your phone, whatever is easiest for you.

Remember though, the goal is to workout, not to over-record and analyze it!

You will know what is right for you!  Now go workout, and keep track of what you did!

If you need help with your workouts or need help progressing check out the Lake Country Training website!  We will help you reach and conquer your goals!