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Family Workouts For Fun – 1000 Rep Plate Challenge

Lets face it, working out can be a chore from time to time. However, it doesn’t  have to be, and when it is a chore that should signal you need a change!! We have been doing some family workouts for fun lately and I did this 1000 Rep Plate Challenge the other day with my son! It was lots of fun – he is 9 and loves working out with dad and its quality time spent together which is a most precious commodity!

Its really neat to be able to do activities with you child/children. Whether you are into working out, sports, board games, or working on cars in the garage, quality time spent with your son or daughter is so important. You’ll never wish you hadn’t done it! Working out or playing is so important for them, and you as an adult for all the obvious reasons.

My son used a 10# weight, i used a 25# plate since it was the first time going through all of it and I knew I would need to focus on him at times. Below is the format, and if you haven’t tried something like this before or want to error on the side of caution, maybe try it as a 500 rep challenge and/or use a lighter weight than you think you should.

Spend time working out to be more healthy for yourself, set a great example for your family, and hopefully you can spend some time together working out, exercising, and playing while having fun.

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Here is the link and the instructions below, if you need more explanation, click on the link provided:

Here’s how it’s done:

Guys (or advanced lifters): grab a 45 lb. weight plate.

Girls (or beginner lifters): grab a 25 lb. weight plate.

Perform 100 reps of the following 10 exercises as fast as possible with great technique. You must do all 100 reps before moving to the next exercise.

Floor Presses (Chest)
Bent Over Rows (Back)
Squats (Quads)
Overhead Presses (Shoulders)
RDLs (Hamstrings)
Curls (Biceps)
Overhead Extensions (Triceps)
Reverse Lunges (Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes)
Sit-Ups (Abs)
Russian Twists (Obliques)

You can break the reps up into sets (Ex: 10×10 or 5×20), or simply perform as many reps as you can before gassing out. Take as few breaks as possible and keep form strict.

Record your time and try to improve every time you do it!