Achieve A Winning Mindset

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How To Achieve A Winning Mindset:

What is this mindset, and how do you get it? How and why do some have it, and some lack it? Lets take a look at how to achieve a winning mindset.

Mental Toughness Is Something You Learn

Typically people who have it go through something in their life that is a hurdle to what they want so bad where they learn the ability to never give up.

Don’t accept the place you are at.

Don’t choose to stop reaching your goals.

Don’t back down.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you – even when you face your own doubts.

It is the tough times that teach what it means to fight.

Challenges can bring out the best in everyone. They are gifts, moments where you grow as a person. Fighting through those tough times and overcoming them takes time. It is definitely something everyone needs to learn how to do as you learn how to be mentally tough.

Mental toughness is about staying positive and staying centered.

Focus On What You Can Control. Be Positive

Make an effort to stay positive. That’s easy when you win and achieve your goals with little effort. But what about tough times? During those tough times you need to focus on what’s in your control. Regardless of the outcome, you need to do the best you can, evaluate, and try to make improvements for next time.

All the way back to the Stoics of Ancient Rome, philosophers believed it was important to differentiate between two types of events: those you can control, and those you can’t.

When In Doubt, Bring Yourself To Center

Framing events in a positive light helps to keep your head up, but being positive alone doesn’t cut it. Winning takes more than a smile and a can-do attitude, it takes focus. To get back to focus, or to re-center here are some examples of things you can do: read , listening to music, go for a drive, or a walk, sit quietly and think, or work in your shop or garden. This can give you the time needed to take a break, cool off, take your mind off of what you are doing and then come back to it refreshed.

Treat Practice Like A Game

You say you don’t practice? Well, then treat the way you prepare as important as what you are preparing for is. Whether it be a presentation for work, a workout, an event you are attending, etc. Be prepared and be ready so when your big moment happens you are ready! No matter what it is.

Possibly the most important aspect of a strong mental approach is his practice of re-framing ordinary activities (like practice or anything where you’re preparing) in such a way that there’s no “easy mode.” Practice or preparation, needs to be taken as seriously as the event, or the game.

“Every day during practice I was competing as hard as I could because I knew that if I didn’t, there was no guarantee I would see any game time. And I thought, If I don’t treat practice like a game, then there’s no way the coaches will let me play in an actual game.” – Tom Brady talking about how he approached his work/his game/his practicing/his preparation time.

By raising the stakes, you are not going to change reality — but you change your perception of reality. This allows you to access a fiercer motivation and hold himself and his team to a higher standard.

Positive, Centered, & Always “ON” – The 3 Aspects of Achieving A Winning Mindset

You can use these simple techniques in almost every aspect of life to have a winning mindset. Achieving a winning mindset is not rocket science. Just do this:

  1. Focus on the parts of your life that you can control.
  2. Re-frame setbacks as opportunities for improvement.
  3. Take 5 to 10 minutes every day to do something that gets you back to center.
  4. Raise the stakes in something small — become extraordinary by doing ordinary things at a high standard of excellence.

When it comes down to it, you only have one life to live. That’s why getting your mindset right is so important. You’ll spend less time dwelling on dead end thoughts and more time focused on what matters: Winning Your game, Achieving Your Goals, Improving Your Life. Nailing that presentation, Training for a Marathon, Losing Weight in a Healthy Way…The list goes on…

You have overcome odds before. Someone, somewhere is always going to be better than you, and that’s ok, you should be trying to be the best version of you! Don’t be afraid to take a different approach than the “norm” – you shouldn’t want to be normal. You should strive to be excellent – the best version of you that you can possibly be!

Through injuries, big wins, and devastating losses, Brady has worked to keep his mind and body performing at its peak so he can do what he loves, longer.

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