Track Your Progress In Your Workout Journal – Fitness Tip & Trick #4

  #4  Track Your Workouts In Your Workout Journal! Are you progressing toward your fitness and training goals?  You need a fitness journal or some type of record keeping for your training and workouts! How would you know if you are just going by memory and how you feel? How many days did you workout last month? If you have a lot going on in your life, or even just a few things, remembering what you did yesterday can be...

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Start Your Day With Water – Fitness Tip & Trick #3

Stay Hydrated

Start Your Day With Water! Get more water in your body!  What's the easiest way to make that happen?  Be sure the first thing you do when you wake up is Drink a big glass! The male human body is about 50% to 65% water while the female body is about 45% to 60%and muscles contain about 75%.  Get more of it into your body and it will thank you! Here are just a few benefits of drinking water and being properly...

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Do Not Fear Carbohydrates! – Fitness Tip & Trick # 2

Do Not Fear Carbohydrates! - Fitness Tip & Trick #2 Possibly fear eating too many of the starchy kind of carbohydrates, but that could be said for anything!  Eating too many carbs beyond your body's needs causes your body to store them as fat.  Storing food as Fat is a concept goes back thousands of years so nothing you do about it is going to change that.  Our ancestors needed to store food because they were hunters and gatherers.  Nowadays we...

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Focus On Your Sleep – Fitness Trick & Tip #1

Focus on your sleep - Fitness Trick & Tip #1 It seems like a simple "no brainer" but let me tell ya, this is way more complicated that it seems.  Why is it so dang hard to just get a good amount of sleep each night?  And, If I knew the answer to that I would be a billionaire! Everyone is a little different. Some need 8 hours, some only 6 hours.  I need about 6 to 6.5 hours regularly....

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Importance of Stretching

Have Success, Plan Your Workouts

Importance of Stretching Without re-inventing the wheel, I thought I would share something that many of us do not spend enough time doing...STRETCHING! No, it wont burn a bunch of calories, or build a bunch of muscle directly.  It doesn't taste good - or bad for that matter.  However, because you will feel good, reduce your risk of injury, and help your body recover it will help you to continue to burn those calories, build that muscle, and help you to keep...

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Which Workout Is Best For You?

exercise is good for mental health

Which Workout Is Best For You? Do you lift weights or do strength training? Why are your workouts set up the way they are? Do you follow a program?  If so, from where?  A magazine?  Website? Do you have a trainer, or workout partner? If you are over 30 please don't tell me you still workout the same way you did in high school or college. How Should You Be Working Out Then?  There are many non-perfect answers to that...

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Organic Foods or Not Organic Foods?

Lake Country Training

Organic Foods or Not Organic Foods? The choice isn't always that easy!  Whether you eat organic foods or not is up to you, and there are some definite reasons to try to eat organic foods instead of those that are not. I try to, but am definitely still in the beginning process and certainly don't judge someone on whether they do or don't eat organic. Lets face it, with today's world not eating convenience foods or junk foods is difficult. Check...

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